Truck Tyre Retreading

                                           Retreading is in our DNA!

One of the many services we offer here at G&S Tyres is retreading of truck tyres. With our brand-new state of the art RINGTREAD System, we are able to retread hundreds of truck tyres on site each day! Watch this video to see how it's done!



RINGTREAD is the only retreading system that offers a circular, double-countured and spliceless profile. The retread tyres manufactured with this technology are completely different form any others and are able to match or even exceed the performance and reliability of new high quality tyres! The spliceless retreading process eliminates any weak points in the tyre therefore making the tyre more reliable. With over 40 different tread patterns, the RINGTREAD System meets all possible requirements.

If you wish to learn more about retreading with MARANGONI RINGTREAD and our Spliceless technology, please take a look at our brochure here!

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Truck tyre retreading provides savings to fleets around the world reducing the environmental impact of tyre disposal. The retreaded product provides comparable perfomances and failure rates similar to a new tyre.

Retreading technology can extend the life of tyres and significantly decrease the need of their disposal.

Thanks to retreading technology, every year worldwide retreading saves 4.55 million tonnes of tyres being released into the environment.

Retreading tyres instead of replacing them saves on energy and raw materials.

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